A few words about the artist

A few words from the artist

In my lifetime, I’ve been continuously experimenting in various creational fields, permanently searching to do what I love, which means to feel it being created with 100% pleasure from my side. The manner in which I express my ideas is, first of all, a conceptual one and it always takes into account the context in which they would be stated, the jewellery I create being visibly influenced by the area in which I was active for a long time: sculpture.

Wood is an organic material which can last for eternity, regardless of the state in which it is found. One of the reasons I choose to make art, using this material in particular, is the fact that, through its warmth and its positive vibration, wood offers its bearer a pleasantly comforting sensation. Although I mainly use wood, I also try to include in my creations a wide range of other materials, which I usually choose for their ability to act complementary in expressing the message that I have in mind. I can say that I love searching for materials, which I perceive as having the role of completing the conceptual idea. To obtain a highly personalized creation, I try to work up to details every material I use, uniqueness being the result of this processing through which an object is receiving a new identity, many times brighter than the one it had before.

Doru Dumitrescu

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