Important Message for Human Species

Sculpture and Art Installations

Important Message for Human Species


One of the main concerns of the human species is to have control. The most complex threat is nature.

In the struggle with nature, scientists have made possible: Study of subjects – imitating them – cloning – remove authentic.

Geometrization of letters forming the word “Nature” instill the idea of designing and building of a new nature.

Asymmetric geometry, mean errors which precede from attempts of authentic life replacement. Form of the letters is constructed only of straight lines, empty forms and free surface, this happens also in the construction of what is meant to be the next “nature” of human environment, without immeasurable power, without uncontrollable power. A lifeless life without spiritual content, but which satisfies the conditions of coexistence with humans.

Transparent surface that compose surface of the letters is motivated by the position of built nature. A position of the background, pale, secondary, element that fills the setting in which man lives, without bringing discomfort. A nature scheduled for entertain from shadow.

materials used – mirror, sand, wire, plastic foil, silicone glue rods

Doru Dumitrescu

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