Noble Cabinet

Sculpture and Art Installations


Trees shelter precious things.

It all started when I was offered a rather special present: a huge tree root, beautiful
yet unusual in its appearance. Its shape was playfully constructed by many cavities that
were visible at the surface of the wood, so I considered this root to be a more like a present
for my imagination. Its twisted geometry seemed to be an instant invitation for me to
explore its possible meanings.

The first shape that the took in my hands was the shape of a big wooden stone, which still preserved the memory of its origins. Underneath its surface, the wooden stone, was full of empty spaces, which are said to be places of mystery. It is through absence, that they enclose our ideas, making them ready to become tangible. The same way as silence allows us to speak our mind, empty spaces make room for ideas to grow. I felt that every cavity that the wooden stone had underneath was a space destined to be filled with
something precious. By making the contours of the empty spaces visible, I offered them a
real purpose: to shelter ideas that became reality. Three smaller wooden stones, one made
of cherry tree and the other two of nut tree were added as small drawers and the big
wooden stone became a “cabinet”. The surface of the drawers and also the cavities they
cover were wrapped in golden leather, which elegantly suggests the special care and
warmth that the wood has to offer.

A tree, which is a natural shelter, was finally turned, through its given purpose, into a “noble cabinet”, a perfect place to safely keep one’s most dear belongings.

written by Aurora Dan


White Poplar Root wood

English Walnut wood

Sweet Cherry Root wood

– leather

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