Numbers of nature

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Numbers of nature


Everything is made of numbers 1 2 3 4 … how do you imagine a number? By the shape of it, the quantity it embodies, the sound of its letters being spelled? What if a number could be represented through an imaginary setup made concrete by the bursting out of a single creative thought? If we were to consider the bohemian theory of our world being nothing but a dream or, in other words, the ongoing fantasy of an almighty creator, we can consider every piece of it the representation of something we cannot fully understand through reason, but only be part of through our shared imagination. The sculpture I created is only a little piece of abstract thinking turned into a real, fragile, yet solid structure representing (and being represented by) a natural element –3 wood, in a variety of spectacular essences. All the pieces are bound together, but can nevertheless incorporate new elements. The „numbers of nature” sculpture is designed as a solid proof of the continuity and permanent interaction that unites all living elements of our world both inside its boundaries and beyond them. An abstract thing is turned, thus, into an element of our common fantasy – nature, as we know it.

written by Aurora Dan

materials: – different wood essence, inox rods, acrylic paint

Doru Dumitrescu

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