Sculpture and Art Installations


Our perception is fragmented.
The idea of putting a number of 74 transparent lenses together has much to do with
the idea of revealing the basic feature of our perception on reality – fragmentation.
Everything we see is passed through a series of judgements and conceptions, which we call “points of view”. These “points” are represented by lenses of different sizes, shapes and
visual properties, which plastically define the concept of multiple perspectives. The
originality of our perception is suggested by the fact that, although the lenses are always in
the same place, each of us chooses to look at them in a unique matter: one’s order and
visual angle of interaction with the lenses will construct an image on the things or people
one’s viewing. This image can be described as an image made of “Perceptions”, a piece of
reality whose fragmented state is revealed.

written by Aurora Dan

materials used – plastic lenses, inox rods, inox nuts

Doru Dumitrescu

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