T.R.A.N.S. T.R.E.E.

Sculpture and Art Installations

T.R.A.N.S. T.R.E.E.


Every piece can TRANScend – no structural limitations. Every one of us must have had, as a kid, an architectural fantasy – to create or to re – create from pieces a new, unseen before structure. Like the jigsaw puzzle game we used to play, the “T.R.A.N.S.” sculpture can be modelled and remodelled: each of its octagonal pieces, which altogether seem to be parts taking out of an architectural kit, has the property of being able to receive new elements, continuing any design your mind can think 5 of. The usually hidden part of any construction, its foundation, is made visible by assembling transparent Plexiglas pieces in the upper part of the final structure. The creative process is, thus, revealed, and together with it, the strong connections existing between the elements of any imposing geometry.

written by Aurora Dan

materials used – aluminium, perspex, acrylic paint

Doru Dumitrescu

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